Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Magda continues.

Today wasn't horribly bad but, it wasn't horribly good. Clean garden. Clean house. Clogged pipes. Hyperactive children. Overly sensitive loved ones. A bit of the blues. And the pain has crept into my bones once again. Ah, that fun shit.

So, Lena went into assisted living. Not quite nursing home, not quite home alone. I still get to take her to the catholic retreat to see the sisters and I might possibly be able to go in and catch another visit with Johannes (84 and still kicking, that guy!). I still get to hang out with her daughter. I still get to hear her stories of life in Hungary and America when she was growing up. I still get to see her. Hopefully, we can play another round of King's Corners one Saturday. Or maybe I'll finally figure out Sheep's Head. She creams me every time.

I am really going to miss her when she passes. I mean, truly and deeply miss her...

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